Pioneering emotional wearables
Our mission is to create healthier and happier relationships. In order to achieve it, we started by creating Bond Touch bracelets, an emotional wearable. The bracelet is designed to bridge the distance between relationships by enabling touch to be sent over any distance. The app and services that come with the bracelet, provide the intimate space relationships need to have fun, learn and grow.
Our mission in numbers
Longest distance recorded between two users.
Connected people with their special someone.
Total of touches sent weekly by our users.
We believe in a world connected by healthier, happier relationships.
Why do some relationships work and others don’t? Relationships are about balance. There are very few ingredients that go into the making of every relationship: Communication, Trust, Quality time and Purpose. At Bond Touch we are creating the tools you need to enrich your relationship and find your balance.
Shared growth
The team
At Bond Touch we're not only user centric but team centric, and so we aim to foster a happy and healthy place to work as well. Founded and led by Kwame Ferreira, Bond Touch is the product of a team effort intersecting many different people and countries.
Planet Centric Design
The smallest social unit is not one but two people. At Impossible we believe in the need to evolve user centered design into planet centric design. This implies a mindset shift from creating for the individual to creating for relationships and their impact on our planet. If you are reading this far, drop us an <a href="mailto:[email protected]">email</a>, we'd love to chat with you. <a href= target="_blank">Learn more</a>